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NVC Skill-building Weekend at Bodhi Creek Farm
Bodhi Creek
This event is a weekend camp-out at Bodhi Creek Farm, with NVC learning and practice sessions,
nature walks, fire circle, and more opportunities for personal and group connection.
Bonus: NVC-learning & community-building call, June 16 as a lead-up to the big weekend.
A super fun and relaxed
Nonviolent Communication Skill-Building Weekend Camp-out at Bodhi Creek Farm, in The Great Northwest.

Bodhi Creek Farm, in the Foothills of Washington State’s North Cascades,
2 hours from Seattle, 90 minutes from Vancouver
(more info below)
July 14-17, 2016
    Arriving Thursday and leaving Sunday
For people who love nature and community, and who want to grow their NVC skills.
    Because it will be super fun as well as deepening.

How Much: US$450, includes simple catered meals (dinner on Thursday through breakfast on Sunday), 3 nights of camping, workshops, coaching, mentoring, and our bonus call in June.

How: Apply on this page!
Camping on the land!
        — some indoor sleeping bag space available,
        — other local accommodations include our friends at Baker Accommodations
BONUS: Community-building, connection, and skill-building call, June 30, 11a-12:30p US Pacific Time
Once you register you will receive the call-in info.
    Please contact us!


Disclaimer: I reserve the right to cancel this event if enrollment is too low to make it financially viable.
If I decide, based on the answers to your questions, that this event is not the right fit for you, I will refund your money and let you know promptly.
Due to legal and insurance reasons — and because this event is happening at my home — I will ask you to sign a standard liability waiver when you arrive.

About Nonviolent Communication:

Marshall Rosenberg's process Nonviolent Communication, which was named out of a sense of alignment with Gandhi's movement of truth-telling and compassion, is a world-famous, proven, time-tested methodology:
- for creating exceptional personal and professional relationships,
- for offering compassionate understanding to others (and knowing when & how to ask for it ourselves),
- for preventing and resolving misunderstandings and conflicts,
- for speaking our truth in a way that is more likely to lead to harmony than conflict, and
- for creating mutual understanding without coercion.

About Alan Seid

I grew up bilingual and bicultural in the US and Mexico. I have been passionate about best practices for living in harmony within ourselves, with each other, and with the planet since the 1980s — and currently teach several of these methodologies. I live at a place called Bodhi Creek Farm, which I found when I was looking for a place to create a learning center for these ‘best practices’. One of these, Nonviolent Communication, I began studying in 1995 and became a Certified Trainer in in 2003. I work primarily as a coach and adviser, helping Changemakers take their life and impact to the next level.

About Bodhi Creek Farm (BCF)

BCF is a gorgeous and unique property located in the foothills of Washington State's North Cascades mountains. BCF is comprised of 25 acres, located where mountain and wetlands come together, making it very ecologically rich. We have different kinds of frogs and salamanders, beavers, otters, several kinds of woodpeckers (the list goes on),  and the forest is filled with native edible and medicinal plants. This 25 acres is part of a larger group of properties and neighbors with a long-term vision to form an ecovillage.
Google Maps
Here is 
a video giving you a virtual 4-season tour of the land.
(Heads up: this is a marketing video from when I was promoting my coaching services as well as my course, How to Find Your Dream Property, Step-by-Step.)
Here is a recent video showing you the space we will be in.